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Scenic Rim

Used Cars

Trustworthy local

There is no doubt car buyers looking for Scenic Rim Used Cars have plenty of choice. But before you go to any used car dealer, make sure you call Steve Hughes first.

Steve Hughes’ reputation is largely built on his used car knowledge and prowess. Knowing what to buy, not buying the first car he sees just to fill an order. A lot of time and effort goes into finding the right car for his customers, a car that delivers years of satisfaction and reliability. To make your used car experience is a pleasant one, please consider the following…

What car?
There are thousands of different makes and models to choose from in the market place and unlike new cars there are many pitfalls and therefore serious consideration needs to be given to your purchase. So it’s very important to know what you are looking for, narrow down the options.

Do you need a sedan, wagon or 4×4, manual or automatic, 4 or 6 cylinder, petrol or diesel. What age do you want your car to be, how many kilometres should it have travelled. What use are you going to give it.

The answers to these questions are relevant to the car you choose and end up with.

Trade in

Do you have a trade in, what is it, do you still owe money on it, if so how much is owing and to whom? At Carwise we can trade your current car and generally at a better price than you’ll get elsewhere. We are always looking for quality trade ins.

How much money can you afford, work out what you want to spend, don’t forget insurance. Are you borrowing the money from your bank or financier or maybe we can help you get the best finance deal. We have financiers available to us at very competitive rates.
Peace of mind
Unlike new cars purchasing a used car is very different and getting it wrong can be very expensive. Carwise backs all it’s used cars with a statutory warranty as part of government legislature and all vehicles come with clear titles and clear WOVR history. Steve inspects and drives all vehicles before purchase and then has them independently inspected for mechanical and roadworthiness.

Our guarantee

Allow Carwise to guide you through the used car maze, get accurate and clear advice on your next purchase. We guarantee peace of mind and a positive buying experience like you’ve never had before.