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Steve from Carwise was great right from the word go. We told him what we wanted for two new vehicles and not only did he deliver exactly what we asked for, he blew the competitors out of the water on price! Thanks to Steve we now have a fully set up work Ute, hassle free and a nice family car with all of the safety features you could ever need. From one small business to another, cheers mate!

Josh and Belinda Parker

JR Parker Electrical Pty Ltd

I had a wonderful experience buying my Subaru through Steve from Carwise. Steve was extremely helpful, knowledgable and honest from start to finish. The entire process was relaxed and at no point did I feel any pressure to buy extra accessories/upgrades or any other sales tactics that are very common in the industry. With previous research into pricing, Steve was the only business to offer a fair price upfront – and this was incomparable to the experience that I had with other dealers. I was beyond impressed with his professionalism and I felt that he went out of his way to provide an excellent and extremely efficient service. This was definitely the best and easiest car buying experience and I would recommend Steve to everyone I know. Thank-you so much again!


Graham and Chris Larrescy


I was trying to sell my previous car for about four months and sought some advice from Steve and sold it in couple weeks.
Michael Fraser


Steve is honest and a pleasure to deal with and he gives you the best price he can get straight up.
Ian Pocock


This is the fourth car Judy and I have purchased through Steve and it won’t be the last.
Warren Thompson


Steve certainly knows how to make life easy when buying a new car. He had the best price.
Charles Bellington


I’ve bought cars from Steve before. His price was good and his service is spot on for me.
Jeff Sorrenson

Cedar Vale

Steve’s very approachable and definitely not pushy.
Anne Palmer